100 Challenges That Will Make You a Better Fashion Designer and Illustrator

by Helena  - December 18, 2017

My personal mission is to become a better fashion illustrator and designer and in order to achieve that I will need as much motivation and inspiration I can get, as well as a great amount of practice in all aspects.

I have read many books and manuals on fashion illustration and design this year and decided to apply that knowledge by breaking it into small challenges or practice units throughout the year so I can get the most out of it.

If you are on a similar journey, I would be thrilled if you joined me in this pursuit of becoming better in fashion illustration and design.

100 Practice Challenges in Fashion Illustration and Design

The goal of these challenges is to practice all aspects that fashion illustration and design involve, from sketching, rendering, composition, color, inspiration, fabrics and also organization and planning necessary for success in this field.

We should be ready to step out of our comfort zone and practice all the things we are not doing really well as well as perfecting the skills we already have. I believe everything we do in life should be fun so hopefully many of these practice units will make you laugh and enjoy the process.

These will be the topics of practice units and you can come back regularly to check the latest challenge or follow my Instagram account where I will be posting these challenges.

Fashion Illustration Practice Units

I could definitely use practice in all aspects of fashion illustration and also go out of my comfort zone and try illustrating men's and kid's clothing as well. This is how the fashion illustration practice units will look like:

  • Drawing a Croquis
  • Making Your Own Fashion Figure Templates
  • Coloring and Shading Face and Body
  • Drawing a Fashion Face
  • Hair Studies: Drawing and Coloring Different Hairstyles
  • Sketching Hands
  • Drawing Feet
  • Sketching Different Fashion Poses
  • Drawing Different Ethnic Characteristics
  • Sketching Different Types of Skirts
  • Sketching Different Types of Pants
  • Rendering Denim
  • Sketching and Coloring Blouses and Tops
  • Sleeves and Necklines
  • Drawing and Rendering Knits
  • Day,  Evening and Special Occasion Dresses
  • Outerwear Fashion Illustration- Coats, Blazers, Jackets
  • Drawing Gym and Sport Clothing
  • Swimwear and Resort Wear
  • Practice Sketching Lingerie and Sleepwear
  • Drawing Bags and Fashion Accessories
  • Jewelry Sketching and Rendering
  • Drawing Shoes
  • How to Draw Flats
  • Drawing Fabrics-construction, drape, shading
  • Illustrating Silk Fabrics
  • Illustrating Plaids
  • Illustrating Stripes
  • Illustrating Velvet and Cashmere
  • Illustrating Leather
  • Illustrating Taffeta and Sequins
  • Drawing Beaded Fabrics
  • Illustrating Lace and Chiffon
  • Drawing Wool and Fur
  • Practice Drawing Men's Fashion Figure and Clothing
  • Drawing Kid's Fashion
  • Using Digital Art for Fashion Illustration and Creating Flats
  • Illustrating Prints and Patterns
  • Using Different Media for Fashion Illustration
  • Illustrate Your Favorite Window Display of a Designer Store
  • Illustrate 3 Favorite Looks from a Ready-to-Wear Runway
  • Illustrate 3 Favorite Looks from a Couture Runway
  • Find Photos of 10 items and Style/Illustrate them into 3 different Outfits

Fashion Design Practice Units

Fashion Design is such a complex process and has many aspects to learn about and improve upon. It makes sense first to go through all of the fashion illustration practice units so it is much easier to work on a collection if you know how to illustrate a certain shape and fabric.

  • Looking for Inspiration and Creating a Mood Boards
  • Take a Live Class on Drawing Human Anatomy or Practice from Books/Videos
  • Identify Looks and Themes in a Clothing Store
  • Learn About Color Theory
  • How to Develop a Collection
  • Designing a Clothing Line
  • Practice - Design Outfit for a Singer of Choice
  • Practice- Design a Collection Based on an Accessory you like
  • Design a Red Carpet Dress
  • Design a Range of Accessories for a Fashion Style of Choice
  • Design a Denim Collection
  • Design a Sportswear Collection
  • Design a Collection for a Specific Era in History that Interests You
  • Design a Clothing Range Using Stripes of Different Colors and Sizes
  • Design a Beach /Vacation Wardrobe including Swimwear, Shoes and Accessories
  • Design 5 Tops/Blouses With Different Collars
  • Design a Dress for a Modern Princess
  • Design an Outfit for a Disney Character
  • Design a Geometric Print Range
  • Design a Range of Prints Based on Objects From Nature
  • Design a Collection Using Only Jersey
  • Design 5 Garments with Different Fastenings
  • Design 5 Tops/Blouses with Different Types of Sleeves
  • Design a high-fashion Collection based on a traditional or ethnic Costume
  • Make a Garments out of Old Newspapers
  • Design a Wedding Dress
  • Design an Unconventional Wedding Dress
  • Illustrate a Children's Story with Your Designs for Characters
  • Buy an Entire Outfit including Shoes for $20 and Re-invent it
  • Learn About Visual Merchandising
  • Translate a Womens Wear Collection into Menswear
  • Translate a Womens Wear Collection into Kids Clothing
  • Translate a Men's Collection into a Women's Wear Range
  • Design a Collection for Your Favorite TV Show Character
  • Design a Range for Your Favorite Designer
  • Design a Coat and from it Develop the Rest of Your Collection
  • Choose a Pair of Shoes and Design an Outfit to go With Them
  • Design a Makeover Outfit for Your Family Member or Friend
  • Make a Collection Inspired by a Feeling
  • Organization and Planning Skills for Developing a Collection or a Clothing Line
  • Design a Look Inspired by Gemstones
  • Design a Preppy Style Collection
  • Design a Festive Print
  • Develop a Collection of Dresses for Christmas Holidays
  • Design and Make a Halloween Costume
  • Design a Nautical Collection
  • Take Sewing Lessons
  • Design 3 Lace Dresses
  • Learn Basics of Pattern-making
  • Sew a Garment from a Commercial Pattern
  • Learn More about Fabrics and Innovation in that Field
  • Design a Mad-Max Inspired Collection
  • Design a Futuristic Outfit
  • Make a Garment of Things from a Dollar Store
  • Design an Innovative uniform 
  • Design and Make a Dress from Fabric Scraps or Swatches
  • Learn a Haute Couture Technique and make an item showing it
  • Design and Make a Complete Look/Outfit ( sketch, pattern,sew,style)

Hope you like these challenges and are already inspired to do some work just reading the topics đŸ™‚

Choosing a Backdrop for Fashion Illustration
Make Your Own Fashion Figure Templates
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