Resource Folders for Fashion Design and Illustration

by Helena  - July 15, 2016

Resource folders in fashion design are also called swipe or clipping files. They are visual references and used with sketchbook serve as inspiration for design development and presentation.

Content for Resource Folders

  • clippings from fashion, art, culture, science magazines
  • photographs
  • postcards
  • fabric swatches
  • color swatches

Where to Find Inspiration?

  • Theatre - music, dance, ballet and costumes are a great way to get inspired by a certain period or theme,
  • Art Galleries - visit different art galleries to notice styles and techniques used, concepts, figures and poses.
  • Museums - can be very inspiring from anthropological to marine, space, history...
  • Television - popular TV shows can spark all kinds of ideas.
  • History of fashion - join a library and research different eras- costume design, fabric, trims, hairstyles, make-up...
  • Architecture - shapes and patterns can give ideas for prints or presentation.
  • Interior design - colors and fabrics can be especially interesting, you can also pull great color stories from beautiful interiors.
  • Sports - clothes, fabric and color and the lifestyle they represent.
  • Gastronomy - trends in food can inspire innovative design ideas.

A lot of designers and illustrators use Pinterest as a replacement for Resource folders. It is a very convenient way to find, save and organize inspirational photos. You can create board for each of the areas mentioned above and pin images that correspond to that subject.

Personally, I like combination of both - using Pinterest and having my resource files as well. If you need some inspiration for creating your own boards, you can check my Pinterest profile

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