Developing Your Fashion Design Sketchbook

by Helena  - July 15, 2016

As a fashion designer or illustrator, you have to be on the lookout for creative ideas and trends all the time. When you see an interesting design concept, you should immediately capture it in your sketchbook as this will inspire you to create original and marketable designs/illustrations.

Developing your fashion design sketchbook is one of the basic things you should work on as an aspiring designer. Travel size sketchbook is ideal for rough sketches or developing fashion ideas and together with your resource folders ( magazine clipping, photos and fabric swatches) makes your base for valuable design information.


In order to create innovative designs and interesting illustrations, you should derive your inspiration from variety of resources and global influences.

  • Look for inspiration from street to runway, art to movies, architecture, food, music and everything else that involves creative expression.
  • Always be up to date with the latest trends and keep up with recent couture creations as well as commercial fashion.
  • Pay attention to the entire look, from accessories, hair and make up, fabrics to colors and color stories.

Fashion design sketchbook is sometimes also called a fashion journal, fashion diary or a croquis sketchbook. In order to develop the most informative and inspiring sketchbook, you should sketch everyday, make notes and take plenty of photographs.

What should you put in your sketchbook?

  • Your design ideas and everyday thinking on design
  • Sketch garment design ideas
  • Develop your designs, using color to render fabrics
  • Try different colors and fabrics to get the best effect
  • Develop different versions of your design

Whenever you see something that captures your attention, makes you excited or leaves you breathless, put it in your sketchbook. You can make a quick sketch or just tape in a printed photo or image.

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