Review: Ohuhu 72 Sketch Marker Set

by Helena  - November 25, 2019

I was kindly gifted these sketch markers to share my opinion about using them for fashion illustration. If you are interested in learning more about these budget friendly alcohol markers, please see my review below.


Ohuhu was inspired by the colorful Hawaiian island Oahu and you can clearly see it in this brand. These markers are full of vibrant colors, nicely pigmented and offer a great range for every young artist.

Markers in this Ohuhu 72 Sketch Marker set are double-tip markers with brush on one side and chisel on the other side. There are 72 colors in the set as well as a colorless blender.

Ohuhu markers are alcohol based which means fast drying time and no smudging while you sketch. This set also comes with a small portable bag for markers that solves the problem of storing them and you can easily take them wherever you go.

Ohuhu 72 Colors Set (Amazon Link)


This 72 Sketch Marker Set has all the colors you need for fashion illustration. A nice range of warm and cool grays, neutrals and more than enough beautiful shades of green, blue and red.

ohuhu 72 marker set

There are 12 shades of grey, ranging from cool to warm grey with a nice addition of green grey.

Ohuhu 72 sketch marker set

There are also 12 shades of neutral and yellow colors that you can use for skin and hair. They are quite vibrant and saturated, more than usual sketch markers. It would be nice to have a little bit more colors in this range, more beige shades and a little bit less orange ones.

Ohuhu 72 Sketch marker set

Blue, red and green colors are nicely pigmented and there is a great range of colors to chose from and use them for highlights and shadows. 

ohuhu 72 Sketch marker set

Fashion Sketching with Ohuhu Markers

Doing swatches on marker paper is nice for trying out markers, but I can only get the real feeling about them through sketching, to see how they blend and behave with different sketch books.

It was easy to find different shades for skin tone but I had only two per skin type - one for base color and one for shadow. Colors glide nicely in my sketchbook and there was no bleeding through pages. The shades are intense and vibrant. Blending ability is good, but don't forget to wait until the first layer is dry.

It's easy to build up the color and there are plenty of grays to use as a shadow option. They are a bit chunky to hold because of the round design but I got used to it quickly. Overall, I was pretty satisfied how the sketch turned out.

Ohuhu 72 sketch marker set

Pros and Cons

In general, I really like these markers. They were fun to try out and I was pleasantly surprised with the performance considering the cost.


  • Great value for money
  • Precise Sketch Brush
  • 72 marker set is more than enough for your illustration kit
  • Colors are vibrant and pigmented
  • Great set for traveling


  • A little chunky to hold in hand (but I do have small hands so I guess it depends on the person)
  • Strong alcohol scent compared to Copic markers


If you are just starting out in the world of fashion illustration and don't want to spend a lot, these budget friendly markers could be all you need to start building your illustration kit. However, if you're more advanced, I would suggest saving money to build your Copic collection.

Ohuhu 72 Colors Set (Amazon Link)

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