Favorite Fashion Design and Fashion Illustration Books

by Helena  - October 27, 2016

I have to admit, I'm probably one of the biggest book nerds that exist. There's just something exciting in discovering new content to learn, seeing different views on the same subject and of course looking at beautiful photographs and illustrations. Reading books is a wonderful way to self-improve in all areas of life. You are able to improve your language and grammar, vocabulary, learn new things, get inspired and intrigued, spend time away from screens and relax, practice mindfulness and intention and apply interesting things you read to your own everyday living.

Although you will find all kinds of books in my library and reading list, fashion books are some of the most frequent ones as I'm trying to learn and improve in this area as much as I can.

Here are some great fashion design and fashion illustration books that I've encountered so far. I will continue to add to the list when I find new, useful resources.

Fashion Illustration: Inspiration and Technique (Anna Kiper)

This book is so inspiring and has beautiful images and tutorials on drawing figures, garments and creating a mood in your drawing. It's different than other books about fashion illustration and it is very contemporary. You will also find advice on art supplies and examples of illustrations using different media. Garments illustrated are gorgeous and can be useful for people interested in character design as well.

Fashion Illustration by Anna Kiper (Amazon Link)

The Encyclopedia of Fashion Illustration Techniques (Carol A. Nunnelly)

This is a great book for beginners in fashion illustration as it covers major techniques so you can see what sparks interest in you or what new techniques you could try.It is visually appealing and has lot of colorful illustrations and styles.

The Encyclopedia Of Fashion Illustration Techniques by Carol A. Nunnelly (Amazon Link)

Essential Fashion Illustration - Details (Maite Lafuente)

A wonderful and simple resource that provides flats or technical drawings for fashion details and accessories. Also, a great book to have when you are just starting with fashion illustrations as these drawings are very simple to understand and easy to draw.

Essential Fashion Illustration by Maite Lafuente (Amazon Link)

Fashion Design LookBook (Blandine Lelarge)

Such an easy read and fun to explore. Depends what kind of fashion illustrations you like, it will spark your creative juices as it offers fresh, colorful and fashion-forward illustrations for younger style. It covers working with different media such as markers, colored pencils, ink, watercolor and gouache and offers an example and a tutorial for each media.

There are also cute little how-to sections for all kind of fun and cute accessories. Illustrations are divided into seasons so you have some tutorials common for summer, fall, winter and spring.

Fashion Design LookBook by Blandine Lelarge (Amazon Link)

Launching a Successful Fashion Line (Ralinda Harvey & Katharina Pretl)

I like this book because it is pretty visual and easy to understand. It gives a nice overview of how you can launch your own fashion line. The content covers everything from creating to branding and selling a fashion collection. It also has some very useful case studies and step-by-step lists.

Launching A Successful Fashion Line by Ralinda Harvey & Katharina Pretl (Amazon Link)

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